Praise Band Notes

You will find links and information, here, that are helpful, as you participate.

SPOTIFY – You may know that Spotify is a streaming service that plays music on your devices; computer, phone, tablets, and television.  You can use it for free, with ads.  If you don’t like ads, you can buy the “premium spotify” for $10 per month.  I will be posting links, to playlists I create on spotify, here, for you to listen to so you may become familiar with newer songs as we learn them.  You can listen to the songs on a free spotify account (with ads) that you create.

If you are singing or playing in the Praise Band, you will be registered with Planning Center and using your email and password, you can get videos of the songs, as well as your music and other info for the week(s) you are singing or playing.

You will need to log in (and create an account) on spotify with your Facebook information or input your email address to listen to the music.

Pre-scheduling – About the 15th of each month, I will send an email to all Praise Band team members.  This email will lead you to a link on our website  On that page, please fill in your name, and select which Wednesday/Sundays you will be available that month to participate.  Then select how many of those available dates you wish to participate.  (Ex: you may be available 3 of the 4 weeks but wish to play on only 1 of them.)  I can then produce a schedule based on this information and send you emails to confirm via Planning Center.  This process will become more clear as we begin to work through it.


PLANNING CENTER – is the new online software we will be using with the Praise Band and others to communicate both music and other important information about worship.  The first time you need access, you will receive an email, stating, you have been scheduled for a specific Wednesday rehearsal/Sunday worship.  You click the enclosed link and log on with your email.  Your first time, it will ask you to create a password.  (Write it down)

When you log on, you will see the service plan for the week you have been scheduled.  You can accept or decline the “invitation” and it will reply with your choice to Karl.  (I hope to produce a short video of how to do this in the near future.)

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